BCM325 Live Tweeting reflection #2

Daisy Loomes

As mentioned in my first reflection, I wasn’t very familiar and comfortable with Twitter as a platform when I began BCM325. As I’ve continued to use it regularly since then, Twitter has become a platform I am comfortable on and see as a valuable tool to network with people in complex and helpful ways.

The most important discovery I made while live tweeting is that for effective public engagement, you need to present concepts and theories in a relatable context and give current examples. Doing this helped my Twitter reach and discussion spread beyond those in BCM325 to those in the communication and media field, as well as members of the public.

Below I have highlighted some of the most fulfilling and helpful interactions I had during the screenings we completed in the second half of the session.

The Matrix 3The Matrix

‘The Matrix’ was a great starting point for discussing the…

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