Live Tweeting 2 – BCM325

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It’s fair to say coming into this subject that I hadn’t live tweeted before. Prior to BCM in general I never touched twitter, even while doing BCM I barely use twitter as much as I should. Throughout this subject’s live tweeting, I have gained a bigger interest in twitter as a whole if i’m being honest.

As shown in my previous blog post regarding live tweeting, it was pretty clear through the week 1 and 2 live tweets that I had no idea what I was doing, i’m happy to say that I feel like I have definitely improved the quality as well as quantity of my live tweeting as the weeks went on.

 Week 6 – Ghost in the Shell


With Ghost in the Shell, I noticed that the opening credits had a distinct matrix kind of ‘vibe’ and tweeted it. Through some interaction with fellow classmates I actually…

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