Live-tweeting Part 2!

Jenna Fairweather blog


The above interaction was one that held the most interest for me during the last several weeks. The movie being analysed in these tweets was ‘Ghost in the shell’. The reason this live-tweeting interaction stands out to me is because it is a great example of how engaging with others while live-tweeting, can trigger you to think deeper, encouraging more analysis and understanding of the material. In my original tweet, I linked ‘Ghost in the shell’ back to prior movies we have live-tweeted; ‘ Westworld’, and ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’. This was the first realisation of many, that a common theme throughout most of the movies we watched was the AI’s fear of dying- ultimately becoming the leading cause of them turning on humans. I pointed out however that although I recognise that as a common theme, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ surprised me because in this case, the AI…

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