Live Tweeting, Part 2 – A Critical Self-reflection

Harrison East

This blog post will stand as a critical self-reflection of a live-tweeting experience that took place every Thursday morning for the past six weeks. The live-tweeting sessions were to accompany a weekly contextual viewing of a movie that depicts the future in a relevant way. The frame of mind moved on from ‘Future Thinking’ of the previous five weeks, onto ‘Futurists’, ‘Cyberculture’, ‘Artifical Intelligence’ then closing with ‘The Future of Content’. The intent of the tweets to spark engagement and discussion of ideas about the future.

The first five weeks of our live-tweeting sessions can be found in Part 1. Please read this before continuing! Also be sure to click the subheadings as they will take you to the tweet threads!

Week 6 – Ghost in the Shell (1995)

This week was a viewing of the 1995 Japanese Animated Film ‘Ghost in the Shell’. saw heavy engagement with the…

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