~My comments on Beta Pitches~

Jenna Fairweather blog

The first Beta pitch I commented on was Jack’s, where he is looking at the future of micro-transactions in gaming for his Digital Artefact. In my comment, I wrote about how online learning may result in a lack of motivation, because in his Beta video, he mentioned how he was underwhelmed with the progress he had made so far. I feel like this is relatable and how many students may be feeling this year. Due to this lack in motivation, I mentioned that it is good he has changed his DA to a topic he holds interest for, as I find it is easier to stay motivated when you are enjoying the research process, and content you are producing!

The video I linked is to Part 2 of the week 3 lecture, as Jack’s whole DA incorporates a futurist mindset, and therefore this lecture may be beneficial when getting in…

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