BCM 325 Blog and Tweet Curation

The Arkon Agency


During this Live Tweeting series we covered 2040, Alita Battle Angel, Ready Player One, Blade runner 2029, Robot and Frank and The Matrix. Personally i enjoyed Alita Battle Angel the most, specifically due to the amount of outside inclusion the tweets i made garnered. In this blog I will feature several but not all of my tweets with the hope of looking back on the concepts and potentially linking the lessons learned to my Digital Artefact.

First Up: Lets meet Alita_Warrior_99 (of the Alita Army Hashtag)

This individual started commenting on my Alita tweets, and even referred me to another BCM students, I would later come to discover that they were apart of a hashtag whose purpose was to push for a sequel to the movie. Eventually they mentioned me in a thread generated by the organizer of the hashtag (as far as I can tell)  who was using…

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