BCM 325 Blog Beta Engagement Evidence

The Arkon Agency


This section of the course revolves around checking and interacting with other students work in order to generate dialogue/ networks between students and to field test their ideas for a Future Cultures Digital Artefact. In the spirit of this, as well as in order to complete the assigned assignment, I have analysed and commented on three such BETA presentations.

BETA 1: Ty Jefferey ‘The Future Potentials of Social Media’


Ty’s series of video really excited me, in the same way a world wildlife documentary excites me: I wasn’t shocked by the content, there are always Futurologists in these subjects. I only had a single issue and that was with distribution, something I return to in the third Beta, i suggested he take his content across more then the most popular platforms and build other audiences, to solve his issues with n o traffic to his DA and thus no…

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