Live Tweet Summary: The Twitter End

Alana Smith

Week 6: Ghost in the Shell (1995)


This week we live-tweeted Ghost in the Shell (1995). This was the week after the previous tweet summary was due and I actually spent quite a bit of time preparing my tweets for this week. I really like this quote by director Mamoru Oshii “Humans are by nature unable to live in anything but a virtual world, and it will never be possible to prove that one’s own reality is the same as another person’s”. I think this tweet really highlighted one of the key takeaways for this film in that it demonstrates the intrinsically linked nature of virtual vs. reality. In retrospect I definitely could have linked more explicitly to some of the lecture themes for this week.

Week 7: The Matrix (1999)


In week 8 we live-tweeted The Matrix (1999). This is one of the few films I had actually seen…

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