Some Late Comments on Great Betas


Comino and Cuffy (Christopher Comino)

Christopher’s idea for his digital artefact is a Soundcloud podcast called ‘Comino and Cuffy’, which he intends on posting weekly utilising lecture content and hopefully engaging an audience. The initial episode indicated a gaming/VR focus, although the overall theme of the podcast was a little unclear, with the branding “talking about stuff because (it’s) fun,” not too much of an indication.

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 9.27.54 pm

My feedback for Chris offered a YouTube podcast called ‘Wafflin’ as a source of inspiration for format, as a way of developing its production and structure to better engage an audience, something Chris referenced as being one of his main issues. Its free flowing theme is something relevant to theirs, and is something I believe they can draw inspiration from on a journey back towards achieving their original goals.

I also offered a source on online gaming during COVID-19 as a potential discussion point…

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