YouTuber Turned Tweeter: A Story of Improvement


It goes without saying that some things were missing from my initial tweeting experiencing. Drawing from the feedback to my early tweeting sessions, I set about improving my tweets and materials within them to provide more value to the timeline. These improvements I will now reflect on below.

Film intro 2 Figure 1: Source

Film intro 3 Figure 2: Source

One of the first improvements I made to my tweeting experience was the sharing of relevant online sources alongside my introduction to each week’s film. I had failed to link to valuable sources in my initial batch of tweets, and made a point of making it a focus moving forward. These sources I hoped would provide further context to the films, by providing some little known fact or behind the scenes information that could be of interest to viewers of both the film and my twitter timeline, namely fellow BCM325 students.

Source 4 Figure 4: Source

Source 1 Figure 3:…

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