It’s like feedback… but at the front… cause the future… haha… ha… get it?

When you feel like it

Feedback about the future. That’s what this has felt like. I found three different beta posts and was able to contribute to their work. Firstly I was led to Elena’s post.Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 10.12.39 am

This feedback addressed her concerns about Tik Tok. In her Beta she discussed a slow and difficult growth and reposting UOW users content. My first paragraph addressed her growth concerns. I shared a link that gives advice about how to grow on Tik Tok. I also included a quote from that site. This way Elena doesn’t need to read the full article if she doesn’t want. I took one point from it and shared it for her benefit. I did a similar thing in the second paragraph. I was less explicit in taking from the website (I didn’t quote it) but I took one point about interacting with online users and shared that with Elena in an attempt to…

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