Live Tweets 6-12

Groundhog Grant

This second half of the semester I have found myself engaging with the other people in BCM325 in more sophisticated ways and also in a way that has challenged my views on the content and film ideas e.g. Sorry Chris, I didn’t hate Ready Player One as much as I expected to…..

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Week 6 saw us start with Ghost in the Shell (1995) on the topic of Futurists, leading on to Cyber Culture/Space/ Cyborgs, AI and the ACTUAL future. Ghost in the Shell posed serious philosophical questions about a potential future when our human bodies have been intimately fused with technology — mechanically enhanced and able to plug into the internet straight from our minds (Schrodt 2017). I had some very interesting discussions with fellow classmates about different aspects of ‘human traits’ and how we hold them in…

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