Digital Artefact – The Representation of the Future in Black Mirror

Bianca's World

As part of the BCM 325 class, I have to create a digital artifact that will be useful in the future. For this project, I decided to analyze 4 episodes of Black Mirror with the aim of thinking about how this TV series uses made up and speculative technologies to talk about today’s society. So, students in 10 years could learn from the past with the help of my DA.

Nosedive (S3E1) – Social Rating System

In this episode, Lacie, the main character, living in a dystopian society governed by a social rating, wants to do everything she can to increase her rating in order to have access to exclusive privileges. The depicted technology is an application on smartphones that assigns a rating to a person based on their behavior. This app modulates and influences every action of people because they want to get a great rate, so they have…

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