My DA:https://www.instagram.com/open_illawarrabusinesses/

DA Slides:https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1N-top3bF7gy_kWgRR7T0jhagqv31p6B5-uvH7NDo8Qk/edit?usp=sharing


The global pandemic forced businesses around the world to shut their doors and adapt to new circumstances. The vision behind my DA was to create a platform where small businesses in the Illawarra can promote their business, while simultaneously helping consumers easily find and support local businesses. My DA aims to support the future of small businesses in the Illawarra.


In my Pitch I outlined a rough timeline of my expectations for my DA. I reviewed this timeline and implemented feedback from Chris and my peers for my Beta to make necessary changes to reflect the new vision of my DA. I was constantly iterating my timeline to reflect what was and wasn’t working.

  1. I created an Instagram page (@open_illawarrabusinesses) and shared it to a number of local Facebook groups including UOW Buy and Sell where I generated a lot of interest…

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