The Future of Surveillance

Generally unimpressed.

Project concept

My digital artefact is three videos posted on YouTube which attempt to address the future of surveillance in Australia with particular attention paid to the COVIDSafe app. Videos one and two attempt to lay some of the foundational knowledge required for the viewing of video three. In the week six subject lecture  it  was expressed that a futurists job is to “analyse data from the past, identify current trends and offer predictions in both factual and fictional forms.”, by using videos one and two as an exploration of our past and present, and using video three to offer predictions through possible, preferred and potential futures, I believe that I am fulfilling the role of a futurist. 

Video one: explored smart cities and the social credit system in China. By examining other countries use of surveillance I can more accurately predict the future of surveillance in Australia. 

Video two: Explored the COVIDSafe app and how…

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