Contextual Essay – Vitality Through Veganism

Life of a Uni Student

My Digital Artefact, “Vitality Through Veganism”, aims to explore what the future of the meat industry will look like in the next 5 to 50 years. In relation to the subject of “Future Cultures”, stepping into the shoes of a futurist helped me to forecast what the future will look like if we do or do not progress towards a more vegan based lifestyle. 

Concepts such as Multiple Futures and Forecasting were the main focus of the Digital Artefact. These concepts directly relate to the future of the meat industry as they explore several different possible outcomes and allow for potential planning. Multiple futures prediction is “critical for making intelligent and robust decisions in complex dynamic environments” (Tang, et. al. 2019). Making intelligent assumptions based on science to predict multiple outcomes in an important practice when it comes to the survival of the human race. Forecasting is also a…

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