da presentation – well. i survived.

Synthetic Boy

Well. We made it. Week 13 of the Bad Semester.

As is consistent with all my DA’s, the development process was a hot mess–like a real shomozzle–but the final product is halfway ok. I think.

Let’s get into it.

I think the best way to approach this is to do a quick recap the first two iterations, before launching into a discussion of the final version. There I will explore the steps, thought processes, and research backing up the “final product”. For the sake of ease of assessment on your end I’ve included links to all the major elements of my DA–plus a few nice little samples–at the end of this presentation, any links that appear throughout are to prove “x thing I’m referencing exists”, be it things I’ve written, or research I’ve drawn upon.

Ok let’s get into it (for real this time).

original pitch

This DA, if you…

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