‘The Glasses’


The digital artefact I have developed explores the future of fashion, specifically in relation to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I have created a 3 part series  on YouTube, with each addressing a different area within the overarching topic. If you wish to view my video series, follow the links below:

Future of Fashion P.1

The first video to my series explores online shopping and how it is evolving through the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Realities.

Future of Fashion P.2

The second video to my series explores the pros and cons of Virtual Reality, specifically for ecommerce brands and sites.

Future of Fashion P.3

My third video discusses whether Virtual Reality will be better suited to fast-fashion or high-fashion in the future – or whether it’s something we should expect to see across the whole fashion industry.


Twitter: @__nicolepap

Instagram: @__nicolepap

TikTok: @__nicolepap

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