Future Cultures Live Tweeting Self-Reflection (Round 2)


During weeks 6-12, there were various films which were covered that focused on multiple sub-topics on futurism. These were: Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix, Frank and Robot, Blade Runner 2045, Ready Player One, Alita Battle Angel and 2040. Out of these, I throughly enjoyed tweeting about Ready Player One and Ghost in the Shell as my engagement was at its peak and I was curating many tweets during that session.

In this blog, I will review my replies, interactions, favourites, retweets and tweets throughout this second round of live tweeting. These will only include highlights and not every piece of engagement that I did. I will offer a critical self-reflection on my learning, engagement and contribution and detail about the lessons I learned along the way.


This tweet that I posted was the highlight from week 6 as it received quite a lot…

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