BCM300 Dossier – Battle of the Gods

Something About Aliah

Introduction and Overview

After researching various areas of game types and topics I find interesting, I finally developed a game prototype based around Greek Mythology. This dossier explores how I came to created the different game mechanics and elements in order to give an enjoyable game experience. I decided to design a war and conquest type board game with die and card mechanics that allow each player to be a god conquering the Greek Islands. The game involves chance of the die but also strategy in card collecting and using the cards in battle against your opponent as you attempt to claim all of Greece for your god, either Zeus, Athena, Ares or Poseidon.

Theme and Setting

In developing my game, I decided to go for a war and conquest theme, highly inspired by the 10th best selling game in history, ‘Risk’. This was a game I personally have…

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