The Future of Bodyboarding // Contextual Essay


The future of bodyboarding incorporates many factors which I am passionate about. I always strive to incorporate bodyboarding into my university assessments. Whilst creating this DA, I originally aimed for one 10 minute video, however I think that this content is genuinely useful for bodyboarders and therefore I created 3 videos and 3 interviews, covering many topics and recommendations for the future…

Contextual Essay

As stated in my pitch: “Throughout this digital artefact, I’m going to consider what the future of bodyboarding might look like through numerous predictions. I will observe the history of bodyboarding and attempt to make some predictions for the future. I will also include in-depth research of the current information on these technologies and their impact and issues.”

This is what I have done, as I have created a series of videos about the Future of bodyboarding by conducting background research, interviews and creating my…

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