This is where I’ve talked about the future of education while I am still being educated

Communications according to Ben

Vancey · Future Of Education – the next 10 years

The digital artefact for BCM325 was a little strange at first and it took some serious effort and  thinking to wrap my head around the concept, looking at the possible future of a certain topic. I guess it was the first time I had a dedicated focus for the project which meant that I had to do a lot more research instead of just making something. Which in turn added to the difficulty of the project, however it made the project more relevant for the professional portfolio moving forward towards graduation. Just like the past four DA’s that I have done, the original  idea that was pitched in week 3 was investigated but ultimately changed due to the feedback that I received. From both tutors, people online. I reached out to people  on reddit through r/socialmedia the response was not…

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