BCM300 Dossier – Battle of the Gods

Something About Aliah

Introduction and Overview

After researching various areas of game types and topics I find interesting, I finally developed a game prototype based around Greek Mythology. This dossier explores how I came to created the different game mechanics and elements in order to give an enjoyable game experience. I decided to design a war and conquest type board game with die and card mechanics that allow each player to be a god conquering the Greek Islands. The game involves chance of the die but also strategy in card collecting and using the cards in battle against your opponent as you attempt to claim all of Greece for your god, either Zeus, Athena, Ares or Poseidon.

Theme and Setting

In developing my game, I decided to go for a war and conquest theme, highly inspired by the 10th best selling game in history, ‘Risk’. This was a game I personally have…

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Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

Bodhi's Blog

You can view my blog here: 

You can view my video here: 

Projects concept: 

My Digital Artefact (DA) concept is to educate and inform people on my predictions about the future of photography in 5, 20 and 50 years. My DA also expands into camera technology, social media and the photographer. 


I have adapted my DA to follow Wendell Bells philosophy of the probably, preferable and possible future. I have applied these to each time slot in my research. 

I took a blog approach at the start of creating this DA. The blog is broken up into 3 sections, Social Media, Camera Technology and The Photographer. I used these three topics because they all go hand in hand with being a photographer, they all build on one another and give the reader a greater insight. 

This blog has nearly 2000 words which is a lot…

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Space Future: A Digital Artefact.

Sam Cunningham

My digital artefact’s original concept was to reach an audience and think through ways in which I could add to the conversation of the future of space travel for us as humans. However, this was too broad and passive of a goal. It was through looking into the work of futurists Ziuadiin Zardar and Michio Kaku, in particular, his book ”  The Future of humanity ” that led me to think in a broader academic sense for this digital artefact of the possibilities of the future and how they are communicated now. Ziuadiin Zardar’sexpressions of the need to think about the “unthought”. This is recognising the ignorance of not doing so and moving people’s perspectives and horizons from what is thought to the unthought and the future possibilities which is one of the key studies of the future in particular Space future.

The methods in completing this were moulded…

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BCM325 Contextual Essay – The future of hairdressing

Ashlan Rose

For my digital artefact this semester, I explored the future of hairdressing over the next 5, 10 and 25 years. My blog is available online for anyone who is interested in my topic, including but not limited to: hairdressers, BCM students, futurists, environmentalists and individuals interested in technology/future technologies. I used my personal University WordPress blog to display my research and findings through a 3 part blog series. Each blog post focused on a different time period:

Blog 1: The future of hairdressing in the next 5 years focused on technologies emerging in the hairdressing industry over the next 5 years. Some of these technologies included booking softwares using artificial intelligence, virtual reality education, hair altering apps using augmented reality. 

Blog 2: The future of hairdressing in the next 10 years focused on technologies emerging in the hairdressing industry over the next 10 years including hair analysing technologies and robotic…

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UOW Creative – Final Contextual Essay

Mai Dang

  1. Introduction – UOW Creative 

There are hundreds of students in University of Wollongong studying within creative industries, but there has not been a dedicated platform to promote and showcase the creative works and associated class environment that our students are experiencing. UOW Creative, hence, is a prototype program that engages the very student bodies to use our skills to promote the innovative works at UOW. It is an initiative run by LHA Marketing to create an anchor (searchable location) for UOW’s talent across students, academics, and researchers, which aligns directly with the creative industries. 


For the past 12 weeks, I have been involved with UOW Creative cross two platforms: Instagram and Twitter with rotating roles of content creator, analyst, and moderator. Being able to jump in between roles and platforms gave me a unique opportunity not only to develop niche skills but also to have an overall look at…

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BCM325 Live-Tweeting

Something About Aliah

This is my second blog post with a curation of my live tweets for BCM325. Previously, we looked at my tweets from weeks 1-5 and now we’re back with 6-11! First up we had the 1995 anime film, ‘Ghost in the Shell’

For this film, I found some really interesting articles that related some of the futurist ideas to real life such as this;Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.45.17 PM

And had some great interactions with peers, such as Isaac!Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.59.42 PM

The following week’s film was the 1999 classic, The Matrix. I had never seen this movie but I had heard a lot about it, because of this, I decided not to do too much prior research as I did not want to see any spoilers. However, I was still able to learn about The Matrix comics that were released after the film, and the fourth movie that is set to be released next year.Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 3.04.08 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-05 at 3.04.20 PM

I was…

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BCM 325 Assessment 3: The Little Fellas DA

Benny's Online Hovel

Part 1: The Physical Journey

Part 2: The Theoretical Side

Part 3: The Contextual Essay

Hey guys and welcome to part 3 of my digital artifact. In this short blog post, I will be presenting to you how my DA addresses the focus of this topic and how it relates to the lecture content, evidence of research and development of The Little Fellas DA and finally by reflecting on what has been accomplished over the 3 part series of The Little Fellas.

DA Focus and Lecture Content

The whole purpose behind the DAs in BCM 325 is to develop an answer to the focus of ‘what the future will look like in the next 5, 10, 25, or 50 years’ in the specific area we have chosen to look at. For my DA I focused on how online promotion will look in the next 5 to 15 years and I…

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Soul Revival Church Online. For the present and the future.


When you feel like it












Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 9.33.55 am


Soul Revival Church was thrown into the online space by the COVID-19 crisis. We had to respond and my DA is our digital response. But I haven’t just been thinking about the present during this project. BCM325 has helped me think about the future of church online. I believe that the processes, technology and skills gained from this experience will follow through into life post-COVID. We aim to maintain an online presence to continue to reach those we could not usually reach. Whether it be our viewer in Germany, our friend in Japan or families in Tasmania and Queensland. These are all viewers outside of our church content who we’ve been able to connect with. I know we can continue to do this well into the future.


Each week we record 6 hours of services at…

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Mira.Me project: looking at the future from the present

Upside Down

“The future is now”. That is exactly what my DA is all about. In times when the future has never been so uncertain and everything is changing day-by-day, looking into the present was the way I found to reflect on my future – and also keep a record of how the pandemic evolved here and in South America over the weeks.

We learnt throughout the session that futurists “analyse data from the past to offer predictions to the future”, and I believe the “Quarantine diaries” series can be important in the long-term future as historical documentation of this period of the pandemic. Right now, predictions point that Brazil could surpass the United States in the number of coronavirus deaths by the end of July. It is the country that is dealing the worse with the pandemic situation and it will definitely be in the history books for that. So, in…

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cyberculture [digital artefact report]


My Digital Artefact — Future Neon, an artistic exploration of cyber-culture


Concept — The future from the perspective of cyber-culture and transhumanism

“Transhumanism is the belief that science and technology can allow us to transcend the limitations of human life.”
— Geraci, 2011.

Originally I intended to do a broader exploration of the future in the next 20-30 years from the perspective of cyber-culture, but recently decided to narrow my focus to transhumanism in cyberpunk/sci-fi media. Some of the ideas that I tried to convey through my digital artefact were: the relation between transhumanism and spiritual concepts/religion, where religion is defined as the “negotation of what it means to be human with respect to the superhuman and subhuman” (Geraci, 2011), the morality of artificial intelligence, immortality through transferring consciousness into machine or cloned bodies, and integrating machines into human bodies. I was inspired and informed by popular cyberpunk texts…

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