BCM325 – Future Cultures DA Contextual Essay + Final Project



My digital artefact discusses the various media paradigm shifts in the context of celebrities and how they present themselves. It links to four topics within the paradigm shifts: representational media, presentational media, intercommunication and the future of celebrity presentation of the self. The history of celebrity presentation has been weaved into these topics so a separate subtopic for that wasn’t necessary.


Instead of creating informative, WordPress blog posts for my artefact, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create a YouTube video utilising audio-visual means. I created a written script, used the app Voice Memos to record the script, assembled together photos and videos relevant to the information I spoke about and used iMovie to put together the audio and visual material together. To make the artefact engaging, instead of just recording an audio, I thought that accompanying it with photos and videos would be…

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