Beta: Our Future with Pollution

Ten Apples

After having “BCM325 Digital Artifact Pitch: Pollution in the Future” and “BCM325 Pitch Supplementary“, here comes the beta presentation of my project called “Our Future with Pollution“.

Beta presentation:

YouTube Video on Beta Presentation.

The content flow of the videos is going to be utilized. Start from introducing the pollution, predicting the future life, and what we can do to have improvement. And in the video, I am going to take references from the internet, including historical records like Pea Soup Fog, video games like Oxygen not included, and movies like Wall-E.

Apart from what I am going to include in the video, I am going to provide some related, additional, informative videos. They are going to be mentioned by using the card function on YouTube. Audiences can choose to have further understanding by clicking on the videos if having an…

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