BCM 325 beta presentation (AI in the workplace)


“Machine will do more Tasks then humans by 2025 but Robot revolution will still create 58 million Net New Job in nxt five years” (World economic forum, 2018)

With the advancement of technologies, AI and robots are engaging in our workplace, many people agree that the robot revolution will be the disaster of our future workplace while some people think it is a new opportunity to enlarge the future workplace, including more new skills are needed and jobs are created by the Robot revolution.

“AI can be our friend”
Bill Gates 2018

As I mentioned in the video, I changed the format of my DA, the details are the following:

The first part of DA includes the background and development of AI, and how the media perceived AI in the future workplace like movies and music videos.
The second part of DA will include the current situation with AI in…

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