beta: The future of education: Online Learning


In the last few weeks, I have been doing some further research for my digital artefact, “The Future of Education: Online Learning”. I have recently made some public engagements with my peers by posting my pitch on Twitter as well as two new survey polls. I also made the first part of my 2-part mini series, talking about the short to medium-term changes and posted it on YouTube and WordPress. 

I am currently looking for more academic/scholarly and news/media sources to continue making the final DA. Throughout the weeks before my final DA, I will also make the second part of my 2-part mini series, telling further on my DA and inviting the audience to come back and view my DA. I will then post my DA on YouTube and WordPress.


Bell, Wendell 1998. Making people responsible: The possible, the probable, and the preferable. American Behavioral Scientist, Vol 42(3), Nov-Dec, 1998 Special Issue: Future studies in higher education, pp. 323-339.

Nemroff, D., 2014. Technology in Education: A Future Classroom. [online] YouTube. Available at: <;

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