BCM 325 2nd live-tweeting reflection


Eventually, I finished the whole live-tweeting section, it is a fascinating and engaging activity, and gain a lot from this experience. In this blog, I am going to reflect on my second part of live-tweeting. Before I reflect on my live-tweets. Let me list some points that I mentioned in the last blog.

  1. Suggest getting better preparation such as having a detailed search before reaching the movie.
  2. All tweets need to contains visual elements (photos, GIF, etc.).
  3. My tweets need to include some articles and websites to increase the credibility.
  4. More engagement on other student’s tweets like increase the number of comments
  5. My tutor suggested me to link the lecture materials with my tweets.

Preparation of my Live-tweeting
After received some feedbacks and reflections on my first live-tweeting section, I enhanced my preparation before the movie screening. For example, I read the plot in IMDB and some reviews from other…

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