Pitch Perfect: An Introduction to My Digital Artefact 3.0 – The Future of Me

Taylor Sumelj

When I was nine, my mum took me to my very first concert – The Veronicas’ Revenge is Sweeter Tour at the WIN Entertainment Centre. I immediately fell in love with the industry, and have always wanted to be a part of it in one way or another, though with no musical talents of my own, it wasn’t until I discovered my passion for social media and events that I knew what role I wanted to play.

Since that realisation, I’ve produced my own music blog titled Listed Loud, accepted many internships and work experience opportunities, and volunteered at countless music-related events, all in an attempt to kickstart my career and secure my future place in the industry. Considering this, it was only fitting to focus my digital artefact on the future of myself and my career aspirations.

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