Life On Mars? How David Bowie helped us imagine the future


David Bowie has had a lasting influence on the world as we know it through his music, fashion, films and personas. But he was also a futurist, an innovator far ahead of his time who helped the world see the future of his imagination.

“The Thin White Duke’s forays into technology were as far ahead of their time as his art.”


My digital artefact will be a video essay, exploring how David Bowie envisioned the future through his art, and made a lasting impact on the way we imagined the future in the short, medium and long term. Whether it be through his imagery of aliens in personas like Ziggy Stardust, his artistic expression of the future or his pioneering of music in the approaching digital age.


Kilson, K 2016 “David Bowie was an internet pioneer and rock’s greatest futurist” INVERSE, viewed 10/03/21,

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