Task 1, Part 2: Live-Tweets & Self-Reflection

My Twitter Page

From Week 7 to 11 in Semester B, I watched 4 more sci-fi movies relating to future depictions, artificial intelligence and advanced technology, etc. I found it easier to live-tweet and my tweets came out more naturally. My response to others’ conversations is faster and at the most suitable time. I was able to participate and engage with replies, re-tweets and I used hashtags more frequently than before. The tweets were more meaningful and informative. The conversations and discussions were happening all the time. As I learned how to schedule my tweets in advance, I was able to stream the movies without having to tweet one by one. It felt more convenient as I did not have to rush to get them out. Tweets containing creative and aggressive visual content would likely receive more attention than others.

Sci-fi movies give us a chance to review the problems around us and hopefully to find solutions to them. The AIs in most of the sci-fi movies are full of emotions and conscience. They searched for their origins and identities just like we humans do. Besides, I wonder how the advancement of AI will be like in the next 5, 10, 25 or 50 years. Is it possible to have flying cars, floating cities and advanced healthcare robots? Will we be able to dodge fast bullets or even live in space?

Here are some of the things I learned:

The Matrix (1999)

This is a visually dazzling film with lots to look out for in a cyber adventure. It leads to a final battle of Good vs. Evil. I like sharing short quotes, Matrix images and GIFS from the movie. I have increased my engagement with the content posted by my peers and I also improved a lot in tweeting content as compared with the first round of movie appreciation.

Here is an example of that:

Robot & Frank (2012)

Frank is an old man going through some tough problems of dementia. As a retired burglar, he lives alone in New York. He lives in the ‘near-future’ where calls can be answered by voice-recognition phones and advanced projectors, etc. With the help of his son, he was given a robot programmed as a caregiver. The robot helps Frank to clean, cook, garden, take walks, reminds him to lower his sodium in-take and even helps him to break in houses to commit crime. The story is full of love and friendship, so I have almost forgotten that this is a sci-fi movie!

The plot in the movie is easy to follow. Instead of sharing too many facts, I managed to answer my peers’ questions and shared with them my findings and opinions.

Here are some of the answers and quotes in response to my peers’ questions:

Ready Player One (2018)

Ready Player One is a very iconic film! It is so creative! You can find Easter Eggs in the movie and you can explore a whole new dimension of virtual reality. In the year of 2045, Wade, a young man living in the future world of “The Stacks” which is a densely populated refugee village. Wade and his friends lived both in a real world and a virtual reality world, the OASIS by using VR headsets. This is an escape from the real world, similar to what we like to do from time to time.

I have seen this movie before. Therefore, I was able to tweet faster and share more interesting content from the film with my peers. I also commented on the film by making references to relevant lecture materials and put them in my live tweets.

Here is an example of how I linked cyberpunk writers to my tweets:

Here is another example:

I was able to find other movie references in the film. I tried to apply my knowledge from other films into my tweets. Here are some examples to showcase my excitement:

Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Robert Rodriguez, one of my favourite directors made a live-action sci-fi film from the adaptation of a Japanese cyberpunk manga in 1990 by Yukito Kishiro. In a scrapyard, a doctor finds a cyborg’s head detached from its body in a decaying location known as the “Iron City”. When Alita was revived, using the body of her parents’ biological daughter’s cyborg body, she begins to search for her own identity as she has lost all her memories. This is a fast-action movie which keeps you at the edge of your seat!

During this movie, I have shared some fan-culture facts with my peers.

Here is the tweet:

With the advancement of technology, A.I. will be able to speak different languages and flying cities may become our future. I have shared these with my peers in the tweets:

In conclusion, I found that I have improved a lot in my tweeting techniques and I was able to live-tweet faster. I also learned how to schedule my tweets so that I could be active on Twitter while streaming the movies.

Next time, I can enrich the content of my tweets by commenting from other perspectives like the settings, culture, features, visual effects, etc. of the movies.

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