BCM325 Pitch(Food Tour)


Hi everyone, I’d like to start a new food program with my parter Sheng. It is about shop exploration which is popular in China.


Shop exploration is actually applicable to many areas of life, such as restaurant, local lifestyle, travel, shopping, entertainment and others. There are various fields can be combined with short video of exploration type.








We intend to create 3-4 video essays posted on YouTube, Weibo and Tiktok. Our topic is about shop exploration which is actually applicable to many areas of life, such as restaurant, local lifestyle, travel, shopping, entertainment and others. There are various fields that can be combined with a short video of exploration type. We both like enjoying tasting delicious food, thus it is a suitable and enjoyable topic for us.

FIST concept:

Fast – We will upload our video essay on YouTube, Weibo and Tiktok. Our videos are no more than 5 minutes. Thus it is convenient for people to use a mobile phone or laptop to watch.
Inexpensive – Our videos are totally free.
Simple and Tiny – Each video essay has its own topic. The lighthearted theme and delicious-looking pictures won’t burden the audience.

5 thoughts on “BCM325 Pitch(Food Tour)”

  1. Hi Li,

    I really like your DA idea and I think it’s a topic everyone can relate too as Chinese food is extremely popular and delicious, and has become extremely popular in societies all around the world. I am intrigued to learn more about Chinese food culture and am wondering how you will tie this into the vultures cultures subject. Is the idea behind it that you are providing information and ideas for other people to try Chinese food in different restaurants in their future?
    I found an article about another blogger that explores Chinese food which I thought might give you some encouragement, guidance and examples into new ideas for your videos. Here is the link: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/asiapacific/2021-03/19/c_139821591.htm
    Thank you and I am excited to keep following this DA

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  2. Hey there, very interesting topic, I love food along with so many others, defiantly a niche topic including a vlog style which is very in. ‘Reviews’ as such are very valuable on the internet, I can see the food industry dramatically developing in the future. Your chosen mediums are great for audience engagement being simple and affective as well as informative. The concept will focus on a wide target audience and attract new ones. Nice work!

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  3. Hey there, I think this DA has a lot of potentials!

    While I think the exploration element of your videos will be super engaging, maybe going to restaurants that are the “next up and coming” place to be would allow you to engage in concepts such as the future of popular culture. To help in finding these up and coming places, this article gives you tips on how to spot retail trends that are likely to be successful for businesses. https://tinuiti.com/blog/ecommerce/retail-trends-emerging/

    As we have seen in recent years, fusion foods have become a large trend and continue to revolutionise the food industry.This link here highlights this idea and may give you some ideas as to where/which restaurants would be worth looking into. https://chefmahady.webs.com/apps/blog/show/3811270-fusion-is-this-the-future-of-cuisine-

    If you were interested in also cooking and showcases new ideas for what the future is to look like for food, this link will take to a slide show that gives some ideas and examples of recipes that they say are like tasting the future. https://www.allrecipes.com/gallery/these-fusion-food-mashups-are-like-tasting-the-future/

    I personally don’t know a lot about shop exploration but am excited to see what this looks like in video essay form. Good luck guys.


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