Future Of DMS On TikTok

michaela shales

BCM325 Pitch

I am exploring the future of TikTok as a platform and will cater these findings to form a business for the UOWDMS TikTok platform. 

I aim to research what shapes a successful influencer on TikTok and understand how these findings are going to help the future of DMS on TikTok. This means I will also research the new careers, genres, types of content, trends and patterns that are present because of TikTok. As a result, these findings will form a business plan for future DMS TikTok content creators. This will be broken up into two parts; short term and medium term plans. 

Ward (2020) highlights that business plans are important as they forecast and allow for expansion in the future. It can also include “strategies and timelines for the transfer to new ownership or dissolution of the company.” This is significant as eventually I will graduate and the…

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