Live Twitting Summary 2

Ten Apples

In the previous summary on the live-tweeting before, I am going to have a second summary of the next half part. And in this part, most of the videos are taken in recent years. The Matrix (1999), Robot and Frank (2012), Ready Player One (2018), and Alita: Battle Angel (2019).

Five weeks before, I am a new learner to have the live-twitting. As I have mentioned in the previous blog, this is about your ability to have multiple tasks. And you are welcome to have the preparation by using the Tweet Deck. And five weeks later, I have found out my way to complete the live-tweeting easily with my style.

What’s include in my live-tweeting?

Same as the previous five weeks, I am having all the tweets in format. Having the 10 tweets per movie, posting them every after 10 minutes. The regular posting time can help to…

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