the future of the alternative: end of the 2020 TikTok goth?




Throughout time there has always been those who don’t fit in and aim to stand out, especially in youth. The internet has really streamlined how we can all connect with our particular interests and inherent subcultures over the years. However, do we still represent a form of resistance to dominant groups, represented by style as a chaotic mishmash of visual, aesthetic, musical and social meanings? (Guerra, 2020) 

Internet goths, fandoms, niche reddit users, and gamers all represent the numerous 2021 subcultures that are now dominating the internet. In the 80s there were goths, metallers, punks and soul boys – with their stomping grounds of school and public scenes (Petridis, 2014). They all had something to stand for and rebel against, which looked a lot different than our current cyberculture. It is important to grasp where this is all heading, not only for those involved in…

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