AR & VR Technology Changing The Way We Shop Online

Alicia McFadden

Here is my pitch presentation, please note I have included the closed captions feature should you require it.


I want to create a series of 3 video essays that discuss the short/medium-term future of online shopping, paying particular attention to AR and VR technologies being used in the industry, making predictions for this industries future, taking into account Covid-19’s effect on the industry.

My project also complies with the concepts of FIST:

Fast – I enjoy working with videos as a medium and these videos are intended to be short and to the point, so this should be time-efficient.

Inexpensive – All materials being used are free.

Simple & Tiny– I am not going over board trying to make a documentary but rather simply 3 short youtube videos.

Project Timeline

Here I have my project timeline, where I have broken down the task into achievable steps for…

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