BCM325 – A Realistic Look at Dystopian Worlds

Utter Omnishambles

Melanie and I chose to focus on dystopian fiction because of its relevance to our world and its possible futures. Technology is ever-evolving and our society is almost chained to its progress. Our DA will allow us to explore our own ideologies about the future as well as collate the views of others.

Potential Academic Research

To add: “Dystopia as a vital peek into the future” (2013) by Hayri Dündar. Its purpose is to analyse dystopian fiction as a reflection of real life society. Dündar translates the main factors of the media he is studying and translates them into their place within our possible future society.

Production Timeline

We’ve decided to focus on a few relevant Black Mirror episodes first. M. T. Anderson’s Feed (novel, 2002) and/or Gerald N. Lund’s The Alliance (novel, 1983) both include brain-chips. The class viewing of Blade Runner makes it a perfect choice for…

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