BCM325 – Future of the Film Industry DA Pitch

Taylah's Turbulence

It is a hot topic of conversation around what movies, tv shows, board games and video games are going to be remade/revamped. News articles and media sites are all for trying to predict what is coming next, and having their say on which movies they think need to be/want to be remade. An article by Brew and Harley (2018) details an extensive list of spoken about, upcoming, reboot projects. Another article by Steinburg (Goliath.com) suggest movie ‘flops’ that deem a remake. Disney has a major hand in the realm of remaking movies, and is a top player in the film industry, an article by Campbell (2021) deatils the likelyhood that Disney will buy out another major film company MGM. How would this affect the future of film? Is disney were to get the rights to all MGM titles, can we expect reboots, sequals, prequals, tv shows? This is what my…

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