chàe media’s future – Pitch

Emma Jenkins

This term chàe will be expanding, we are a content creating company that looks to improve student’s life through our content. We’re doing a podcast this term as the popular podcasts have gained since covid-19 had come around, so we wanted to see if our audience would interact with this given its popularity. Furthermore, it’s proven to be beneficial for small businesses, like ourselves, in ways such as consumption, portability and personalisation. The timeline for this project will be done weekly, to implement the class interaction as well as discussing the weekly content from the subject.

Our five-year plan is informed by the five-stage business growth model (Churchill & Lewis, 1983). Currently, we are in the existing stage of the model, we hope to move through all five stages within the time span of five years.  

  • Churchill N & Lewis V (1983) “The Five Stages of Small Business…

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