One thought on “Digital Artefact: Pitch”

  1. Hi Candace its really interesting you are planning a shorter term project for BCM325 which is quite a contrast from mine.

    Your research into the future potential of tin Tok over 5 years is thorough and backs up your plan well. however this was let down a bit by the use of a synthesised voice for your pitch presentation and I feel like you speaking while it might be harder for you would really add to the clear and engaging requirements of the pitches. Unfortunately I think this also contributes to the over 2 minute pitch length which detracts from a well researched pitch.

    It is quite clearly generally that you are looking at Tik Tok as being used for 5 years at least I think, I was unsure how long you are planning for as part of your project.

    While there is solid research I suggest looking at week 3 lectures to ingrate this ideas into your DA foundation.


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