Factories of the future


I intend on creating 4 video essays posted to YouTube on my previously used channel. Each video will address a different element/peice of the production processes from factory games eg: convey belts, assemblers, rockets. This will allow me to talk/start discussion on these ideas and use this content to hopeful create engagement in factory game communities on reddit.


I plan to make a total of 4 of these videos during the semester with 2 being release before the beta approximately 2 weeks apart and 2 after hopefully receiving feedback from audience and BCM peers before the DA is due. 

My Blog: http://jaz.zguy.com/?p=462

3 thoughts on “Factories of the future”

  1. This is a very succinct and intriguing DA pitch, James. I have to note that you didn’t adequately explain exactly what a factory game is, so I’d suggest you include a layman’s terms definition of factory games and examples of them once you start posting your DA. I play Stardew Valley with automation mods, so I think I have a grasp of what you’re talking about.

    I found this page on the NASA website that outlines plans for In-Space Manufacturing.
    If you haven’t had a look at it yet, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting to see present-day goals you can keep in mind as you measure where we might be in 50 years.

    Though you’re speaking about factory/machine-based manufacturing, I thought this article of products we can create easier off-planet interesting. What if, in 2071, we have 3D bioprinted hearts created in orbit and our astronauts are bioprinting steaks to eat for dinner.


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