Fortune Feed Pitch

Bees and Bells

Public Utility

In order for my DA to operate in a feedback loop, I will not be relying on Youtube alone. In past experience it has not offered the best form of analytics so I will also be uploading my “fortune feast” to my cooking Instagram Needing a Feeding in order to gather two channels of feedback.

The public utility of my DA is based on two implications:

Short-term: To offer my audience recipes inspired by my research in order for them to also speculate about the future, or to encourage their current eating habits for the future.

Long-term: Provide an insight into my present context and how this affected my forecast of the future of eating.


Deloitte (2019) “The Future of Food” & “How COVID-19 is accelerating the food transformation”

Barilla CFN (2012) “Eating in 2030: Trends and Perspectives”

Tim Benton (2016) “What will we eat in 2030?”


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