How will Retail Therapy Change? #BCM325 PITCH <33

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Here is the video to my BCM325 Pitch :

I have decided to do the Future of Retail – long term (10-20 years). As explained in the pitch it will focus on the threats to the retail industry that has come from the rise in e-commerce and impact of COVID-19. It will be a three part blog series posted right here to my word press, and shared through my twitter. #BCM325.The relevance for users is that hopefully it will encourage discussion around the impacts of E-commerce on retailers and raise awareness around the deeper issues of COVID-19 int terms of its change to lifestyles.

Here is another look at my production timeline :

I want to make the blogs, informative, entertaining and create meaning around its two focuses with the help of both primary and secondary resources. When I say Primary resources I want to use Twitter tools like polls…

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