Popular Culture & it’s Prediction of Artificial Intelligence in the Future

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Behold another BCM Digital Artefact pitch! For BCM325 we are exploring future cultures and are required to make a DA that explores our future in the next 5/10/15 years etc.

I am keen to explore how our popular culture has portrayed Artificial Intelligence. Majority of our perceptions of AI has already been shaped by pop culture, because in the current day, complete AI is something that doesn’t exist. But majority of the time, pop culture limits the stereotype of AI in a negative perception. Turning on the creator (being humans) and more often than not – wanting to have rule over humans.

As explored in the video, I will hope to publish 3 short research pieces with the history of AI in popular culture with examples, and explore other research done on the topic. I will then translate this research into relevant and short videos to be published on my…

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