Project Pitch: The Future of Marketing!


The following video explains the concept I am pitching for BCM325- The Future of Marketing (a blog series).


For my Digital Artefact (BCM325) I intend to create 7 mini blogs on WordPress (specifically, this site) as a part of mini-series all about the future of marketing. Marketing is my passion and is the industry I aspire to work in. Furthermore, I enjoy blogging and I believe this project will allow me to further my knowledge, as well as provide value to my audience.

Is it F.I.S.T?

  • FAST- After thoroughly researching the topic, creating the blog post should be a quick process.
  • INEXPENSIVE- The only costs are my time & effort!
  • SIMPLE- I’ll be sharing this mini blog series on WordPress with a specific target audience in mind.
  • TINY- Each blog will be fairly short and to the point (200-300 words), and will focus on one topic.

Production Timeline:


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