The Future of Live Music

Alex Fisher

My digital artifact will consist of three, 15-20 minute long podcasts. Each episode will see me and special guests discussing live music events and elaborating on a wide range of issues concerning the next five years. Through-out my podcast series I will examine multiple aspects that I believe will come into play in the near future. This includes the use of VR systems, which companies have already begun to utilize (Chidekel 2021), live streaming events online giving fans an option to watch events from home (Identity 2021) and multiple concepts from lecture content. See below my project timeline for my digital artifact.


Chidekel, D 2021, ‘The Future Of Live Events: AR, VR, And Advertising’, Forbes, weblog post, 9 February, viewed 18 March 2021, <>.

Identity 2021, The future of live events – what does it look like?, Identity, viewed 18 March 2021, <>.

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One thought on “The Future of Live Music”

  1. Hello Alex! Due to the impact of covid-19, it is very hard for people to go to the live concert recently. For artist, covid-19 has reduces their earnings because it is nearly impossible for them to hold a concert especially in America and Europe. I suggest that maybe you can make the podcasts into 5 minutes and divide them into different issues concerning the next five years since 20 minutes podcasts is too long for some audiences, 5-10 minutes is more acceptable for them and it can also increase the update frequency of your channel.


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