The Future of Tabletop Gaming: Roll for Initiative

Hey, Honey!


The ultimate question is, how will tabletop gaming survive (and for that matter – change)? While the transformation to digital tabletops has been made easier with programs like tabletop simulator, I’d argue that in person tabletop gaming isn’t ever going to go away. It may fade in popularity, but there will always be people who want the setup, the little miniatures, to roll the dice and see the look on their friends faces when you they a nat 1. However, sometimes, people will just want to play digitally. Imagine how easy it’d be to pull out your phone with a coworker at lunch and play a quick game of augmented reality Warhammer without the hour long set up?

Pixel Toys Giving Warhammer 40K: Freeblade an AR Makeover – VRFocus
Warhammar 40K: Freeblade for iOS

How will the digital realm, and technologies involving AI, AR, and 3D printing, and the like cause people to drift further toward digital tabletop spaces? I’m…

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