Contextual Essay

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The appearance of “Cyborg” blurred the line between origin and reproduction. It is a futuristic and mystic topic.

In this century, more scholars and college students have begun to pay attention to this topic. Yet, if you ask people to explain the definition of “Cyborg,” Therefore, I decide to use “Cyborg” as my project.

At first, I wanted my videos to be informative, to help people clearly understand the concept of “Cyborg.” However, I changed my mind when I read the comments under my short video. People misunderstood, even afraid of “Cyborg” and the future. At that moment, I wanted my video to become educative and provide a reflective chance to the people to reflect their attitude of facing the future.

My project will include some short videos. Instead of analyzing all the problematic theories of “Cyborg” in one video, I decide to make three short videos. Each video would have a unique theme and special utility function.

  • First video: An introduction of Cyborg

Content: Simple Concept of “Cyborg”
Who is Donna Haraway?
Brief Summary of “A Cyborg Manifesto”

Aims: Have the basic concept of “Cyborg”
Prepare for the advanced level video

Target Audiences: General Public

  • Second Video: Cyborg in the Present 

Content : How does “Cyborg” integrate into our daily life?
Who is Hugh Herr?

Aims: Have the concept of the impact of “Cyborg” in the present

Target Audiences: People who already have the basic concept of “Cyborg”
People who feel interested in biochemical daily examples

  • Third Video : Cyborg in the future

Content: The possibilities phenomenon of “Cyborg” in the next 5-15 years
What ethical concern that “Cyborg” would bring up in the next 5-15 years?
How are we going to integrate with Cyborg in the future?

Aims: Provide reflection on how we going along with future technologies

Target Audiences : People who concern the possibility future that”Cyborg” will bring up

I met quite a lot of challenges in the trajectory of my digital artifact.

At first, I struggled with the way how of I explain the problematic term to my audiences. According to the backstage data, most of my audiences are Asians. Some of the technical terms are maybe hard for them to understand. Therefore, I added some Chinese meaning to explain these terms. I hope my audiences could understand it more clearly, and it inspired them to search it on the internet.

Then, I also change the whole concept of my digital artifact. It was a hard decision to make. At that time, it was already Week 10, and I was afraid I could not finish all the short videos on time. Luckily, I still finished all of them, and I am pretty satisfied with my risky decision. This decision evaluated my digital artifact, and attracted more people to notice my short video collections.

There were still many things in my digital artifact that I had to improve.

Although I received 158 views and 12 comments in my first video, I still not happy with it. Another short video of “Cyborg” on YouTube usually received 1000 views. To compare with it, my online engagement was so low. That would be the most significant disadvantage of my digital artifacts.

At the same time, I didn’t have enough time to explain all the helpful information in my short videos. All I can do was replying my audience to present more information to them. Yet, not everyone would read the comment carefully, and I quite sad about it. I expect I will have a more efficient time management plan to make my digital artifact perfect.

Although I have lots of things that need to improve, some somethings were quite successful.

I used the comment section as another academic platform to exchange opinions with different audiences. One of my audiences even saying that he was pretty shocked that I replied to his comment. It was quite a meaningful way to keep a good relationship with my audiences and build a friendly image. I will use this method in the later assignment or digital artifact too.

Last but not least, I decide to make three short videos. Each video would have a unique theme and special utility function. It is way more attractive than using the same style in every short video. It could attract audiences with different interests to watch my video

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