The future of Beyond Branding!

Amy Micallef

In creating and building a business, the entrepreneur assumes all the responsibilities for development and management, as well as the risks and rewards. Many businesses do not survive because business owners fail to develop an effective plan.

(Haag, 2013)

I am a Graphic & Brand Designer as well as the Managing Director of Beyond Branding! I assist my clients with their branding, logos, website design of their businesses. The journey of Beyond Branding has really been wonderful with:

  • Growing our social media
  • Being nominated and becoming a finalist for 2 Local Business Awards
  • We’ve had the opportunity to work with clients internationally
  • Recently celebrated the 1st birthday of Beyond Branding with the launch of our new website.

Throughout this semester I will be using this opportunity to expand, grow & elevate the future of Beyond Branding:

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