BCM325 – Peer Comments

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The three comments I have made are for my fellow peers of BCM325 regarding their digital artefacts. I aimed to highlight what I liked, give constructive criticism and further sources to enhance their research.

Comment One: Frank

The topic of Frank’s digital artefact focuses on the Australian hip-hop industry at an international level, exploring the future of music journalism over the next five years.


Frank effectively highlights his target audience, including himself, future employers and fans of hip-hop. This to me is building a strong portfolio as a major part of the digital artefact.

I mention that collaboration is a possibility with other music journalists to share ideas, very useful to have connections these connections.

Frank’s timeline is strong, I mentioned that I felt three strong blog posts could create a very informative digital artefact, but I raised the point within the pitch he might want to go into…

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